Working with Lawyers

GAO’s expertise with numbers really shortened the process in helping our clients understand their financial situation in the ongoing dispute.

We have extensive experience working with international and local law firms to help lawyers provide a one-stop holistic solution to solve their clients’ needs.

Examples of such services include:-

  1. Valuations for the purpose of dispute resolution
  2. Expert witness acting for a party
  3. Expert witness as appointed by the High Court
  4. Internal investigations
  5. Corruption investigations
  6. Internet forensics
  7. Computer forensics

If you are a law practice looking to see how we can help expand the suite of services you provide to your clients please feel free to contact us for an in-person presentation on what we have done before.

If you are an individual or company looking to see how we can work together with your lawyer to achieve your needs or are looking for lawyer recommendations in conjunction with the above services, please feel free to contact us.

Corporate Advisory & Valuation Services

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